How To Prepare For Overnight Guests

Whether it’s your in-laws, your best friend, or your favorite aunt, when you open up your home to overnight guests, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable. A few thoughtful touches go a long way in making your guests feel at home.


Special Toiletries
I like to provide my guests with travel sized toiletries on the dresser or in a basket in the bathroom. Tip: When you stay at nicer hotel that has luxurious toiletries, always ask the maid for some to take with you.

ALWAYS have a bouquet of fresh flowers on a dresser or night stand next to the bed. Walking into a guest bedroom and finding a bouquet of flowers is a sure way to make your visitors feel special.

Cell phones, tablets, laptops…your guests are sure to have at least one electronic device to charge overnight. Simplify the procedure by providing a charging station in the guest room. No need for an expensive purchase―check out Target for inexpensive chargers that allow several devices to plug in the same time.

A thirsty guest shouldn’t have to wander into the kitchen looking for a nighttime drink of water―anticipate their need by leaving a water pitcher and glass on the nightstand, or set out a couple of bottled waters.

Exceptional White Linens
White linens evoke serenity and cleanliness. Display perfectly folded, fluffy bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths either in a basket or in the bathroom. High quality bedding is paramount. I prefer bamboo or high thread count cotton sateen sheets. You don’t have to spend a ton of money but don’t put sheets on a guest bed that you wouldn’t sleep on. Provide at least 4 pillows of various densities. Finish the bed with a cotton blanket appropriate for the season and a down comforter covered in a crisp duvet.

Extra Blanket
Nothing is worse than waking up shivering and not knowing where the extra blankets are stored. Don’t make your guests bundle up in several layers of clothing or knock on your door during the night – ward off any chill by leaving an extra blanket folded across the bottom of the guest bed.

Wi-Fi & Other Passwords
Once night falls, your guests will almost certainly want to upload pictures of their trip, watch a little TV or update their Facebook status. To do that easily, they’ll need to access online services, so stave off questions by printing out a list of necessary passwords: Wi-Fi, Netflix, or any other streaming service you use.